Dixon Black Dining Table Semi Gloss

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Our stunning Dixon table is a round dining table with a large statement tapered central pillar. It's a minimalist post-modern dream! The perfect balance of round and straight lines; an uncluttered and elegant dining table solution that will be a real talking point in any modern dining room.Black is still the new black when it comes to this table. Attention-grabbing without stealing ALL the limelight. Pair with some bold colours and metallic bursts in your chairs / accessories to really make this pop, or keep it chic and simple with some understated tones. Comfortably sits 4 - 6 and is constructed from wood composite with a luxury semi-gloss finish. This table is easy to keep clean, durable and will stay gorgeous for years to come. Also available in white semi-gloss colour.


  • Stunning round table
  • Large statement tapered pillar
  • Minimalist and elegant in luxury semi-gloss finish
  • Very on-trend - dress your dining room to impress
  • Comfortably seats 4 - 6
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