About us

Star Design UK is a mid-century design brand with a modern twist that aims to offer you a journey through time to bring you nostalgia with a smile whenever you come in touch with one of our pieces. So, expect a pop of colour to come into your life.

Star Design UK has a proven track record of innovative furniture designs since 2005, a well established designer furniture company specialized in modern classic furniture that has built up an enviable reputation over the last 16 years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a high quality designer and reproduction furniture at the best prices in UK market and providing a professional customer service support and giving our customers Number One priority in our business strategy and philosophy.

Our Offices are based two miles from Stansted Airport Essex UK. We held 95% of stock in our warehouse premises.Very small portion of our stock are supplied as custom orders by our manufacturer and shipped directly from the factory to our customers. At Star Design UK, we do not accept any unverified supplier or any supplier from outside United kingdom, so rest assure that our products are manufactured at British standards and safety regulations. We only advertise and sell products available in our stocks or available to be purchased from our manufacturer as an order to make or a custom order item, so rest assured that our deliveries are taken care of and no time wasting.

Our products: 

We supply a high quality reproductions of designer furniture replica and contemporary designs. We provide a fantastic range of modern classic furniture designs, such as the Eames Lounge Chair, Saarinen Tulip Table, Knoll Sofas, Panton and Aarnio Globe Chairs and many more timeless iconic pieces that stood the test of time.

All our reproductions are manufactured to the highest standard of the original design, taking care of all details that made these pieces timeless and iconic. At Star Design UK, we commit ourselves in providing a high quality furniture design products with the most affordable and competitive prices in UK market. Please don't get confused by the cheap and unreliable duplicated furniture sold online by other competitors of furniture replica or by the huge price tag some Online Shops are trying to charge you. Our prices are fairly affordable and our products are second to none, manufactured to the highest standards, every item is checked by our furniture experts, making sure only the best materials and craftsmanship is allowed to join Star Design UK Furniture Club and approved by British Standards and regulations.

Customer Care Services: 

we are determined to provide the best customer care and direct communication with our customers, our lines of communication and inquiries are open through our telephone lines, customer form inquiry and email address and directly through our website Live Chat. We guarantee you an answer to all your inquiries within 12 hours or less.


We have 4 dedicated chanels of communication available for our customers: Live Chat, phone lines, Email communication and contact form on our website. Please check our contact us page to find all information to keep in touch with us easily and get a quick reply immediately.

Email  us:  contact@stardesignuk.com

Call us: +44 ( 07572257709 )