Parabel Round Dining Table White High Gloss

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Product Overview

The Parabel Dining Table is a beautifully sculpted table, a sleek, smooth work of art. For the Parabel Dining Table Eero Aarnio has chosen his favourite material, fibreglass, as only this material allows such a free and expressive design – again a sculpture. And there are only few such long lasting and easy to care materials to meet the needs of a table surface. You’ll love how the top just seems to balance perfectly on the smooth-sculpted base. It’s a fluid, organic looking table. The top section is made from seamless, glossy, laminated fibreglass. And it will of course, look absolutely stunning surrounded by any of the chairs from our Aarnio design range. You’ll love its organic quality too – those smooth lines and contoured shapes. From some angles it resembles an elegant mushroom; from others a stone monolith. And from every angle it’s an Aarnio. A side / coffee table of the same design is also available


Height : 74cm

Width : 130

Depth : 130 cm

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