Eames Inspired DAW Chair Polypropylene Shell

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Eames inspired DAW chair, designed in 1948. The fundamental design of this dining chair (it comes in several models/versions) was the winning entry in the 1948 New York Museum of Modern Art’s international ‘low cost furniture design competition’. In creating the design, Eames made effective use of groundbreaking processes and new materials and in the 1950’s it went on to be the first mass produced plastic chair. It remains to this day an iconic piece that defines an era yet still remains timeless.

The DAW Dining chair has an ergonomically moulded polypropylene shell available in over 25 colours. This is the perfect timeless contemporary piece that brightens up with style any dining room or commercial settings. Durable enough to withstand considerable punishment in the form of day to day knocks and bangs


W62cm x D60cm x H81cm

Seat Height: 46 cm

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