Cosmo Durable Dining / Conference Table 2 meter

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The Cosmo Durable Dining / Conference Table 2 meter is a fantastic family large table which seats up 8 dinners easily and comfortably. This outstanding table is truly a bold design statement to any interior decor, suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Also versatile in its design, as it can be used a fantastic office / conference room table.

The combination of dark wood veneer and black base made of bent metal, as well as the sharp angles and geometric design, make a perfect centrepiece for every home, giving it a touch of trendy, loft-inspired urban style. The whole construction provides excellent stability, thanks to its shape and high-quality materials and maintains its looks for years.


Height: 75 cm
Width: 100 cm
Length: 200 cm
Legs Height: 70 cm
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